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Personalized healthcare products for a healthy life.

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Hi, I’m Oluyemisi Birch.

I’ve been in business for more than 20 years. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve faced a variety of obstacles, including personnel management, capital flight, and high management costs, until I discovered a business that does not require the high startup and maintenance costs associated with traditional businesses, but instead promises even higher returns with fewer risks. Because the manufacturing company with which we are collaborating bears all of the risks.

I have been able to build and develop a system employing Fast Moving Consumer Products to improve people’s lifestyles, income, and mindsets by leveraging their social and intellectual riches by working with Longrich Bioscience International.

About Longrich

Longrich Bioscience is a 36-year-old, technologically advanced international corporation with 9 R&D centers in the United States, Japan, France, China, and Nigeria. With OEM and ODM capabilities, they specialize in the development and production of high-demand daily care, household, and health care goods, which are provided to end-users via independent distributors who are reimbursed by Longrich through an advanced compensation scheme.

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What We Offer You

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For everyday usage, choose from our selection of high-quality personal care items. Simply proceed to our online store and place your order.

Start Your Business

Every registered member of our network marketing relationship with Longrich has the opportunity to become a business owner and earn a limitless income. Sign up for our affiliate/partnership program.

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Stockist Service

We are a Longrich Stockist who is registered, certified, and confirmed. Are you looking for a source to deliver all of your Longrich supplies? Simply contact us and place an order straight with us.

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Every registered member of our network marketing relationship with Longrich has the opportunity to become a business owner and earn a limitless income.

Regardless of who you are, your social or educational status, our tried-and-true system will assist you in discovering your gifts and using them to:

  • Enjoy a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.
  • Build sustainable, reliable and residual income – becoming totally empowered.
  • Leave a legacy for your children.
  • Support other people and their businesses.

Invariably, you will be getting paid for impacting lives & adding value to the world.

If you don’t see results after 6 months of following our System properly, you’re entitled to a full refund.

You have nothing to loose.

Platform Creation

Kotta provides you with several platforms to create your own business venture.

Effective Cooperation

We promote collaboration and teamwork among partners and their networks.

Common Prosperity

We also believe in allowing all of our partners to benefit from collective wealth and financial independence.

Unlimited Income

Every registered member of Kotta has the opportunity to earn unlimited income.


Health Benefits Of Our Amazing Products

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The Longrich White-Tea Toothpaste

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